A Hitchhiking Trip From Antalya to Istanbul

Quite been a long time that I haven’t been hitchhiking a long route since we hitchhiked around 13.000 kms with Martin&Barbara to Iran. The date is 08 DEC 2013, it’s sunday. We’re turning back from a leadership camp, we are with Yiğit now.We got several rides to get to Alanya from Gold City Hotel, but I need to admit that it’s really hard to hitchhike in Alanya, local people are not friendly to hitchhiking culture. After waiting for a long time, there was the imam of Konakli mosque who gave us a ride to Konakli. From there, we had one more ride to Manavgat, and finally in Manavgat there was municipal polices who agreed on giving us a ride to Antalya Airport; so we spend the night sleeping at the airport.


The next morning (9 DEC 2013) we were so nergic to be on the way again. First we walked a little bit from the airport to the highway for going to Isparta direction. It was not so hard to get on the way to Isparta. We had many new friends, had fun a lot all together. 🙂


It was getting really cold in Isparta, and we were going to freeze really; but there was one guy stopped, I’ve asked:
-Where are you going, big brother?
Istanbul! But I’m going to Kartal, as you wish!

Was he thinking that we won’t get in even he was going just to Kartal? It was the last ride we got, we were in Istanbul at 4 am.

I realized once again; it is good to be on the way. Even last destination was Istanbul again, the journey itself was the enjoyable one.

See you at the next adventures…

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