Once Upon a Time in London

It was just 2 months ago that I’ve been in London for a while, as we were on our way to Orlando, USA for Amare convention with my business partners. When we arrived, we took the metro to Piccadilly Circus to meet with some friends and they brought us to Nando’s, a worldwide Portuguese/Mozambiquan casual dining restaurant. The meal was really delicious there.harat-net-london-nandos-restaurant

After the meal, I went out with smokers to have some fresh air. As I do love socializing, I’ve met with a pedicab driver there who is a crazy Turkish guy. He gave me his pedicab and let to ride it; he even suggested to make me buy it for 2000 pounds, so that I would be earning money to live. I thanked him for the nice offer as I will be already moving to London for my new business and master thesis. But I didn’t miss the chance to ride it for sure.

harat-net-london-streets-pedicabI can easily tell you that it’s not as easy as riding a bike, but it was really fun to ride a pedicab in London streets. I guess I will buy one or some 🙂

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