How to Enter UK Without Visa?

I would like to share the action we took the previous month.

We got our flight tickets through London with my business partners from Kyani for the convention in Orlando. First we were going to arrive London Heathrow Airport, then after 16 hours we were going to fly from London Gatwick Airport which is at the other edge of the city.

For sure it was our plan to have some fresh air of London. 🙂

Many tourism companies were telling us that we need a UK visa, even I was insisting that we wouldn’t need that as long as we have a US visa. To be in guarantee we applied to British Embassy;  but then due to the lack of time, we got our passports back without the visa.

harat-net-londra-london-heathrow-airport-havalimaniWhat had happened after all? We arrived London as 5 people without visa, they stamped a 24h visa to our passports.

But I have to tell that you can do this if you have a flight exchange in 24 hours to US/Canada/Australia and have a visa for those countries. Moreover the border polices have the initiative. I guess they liked us, we loved them. 🙂

For more info: UK Border Agency

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