Buddytag.me is a new social media project based on Turkey. Users can create hashtags for Facebook and Twitter accounts anonymously. I’ve just realized it when I saw it on Ufuk‘s profile, it seems like the project will be trending soon.

The profiles we created in popular social media channels are being commented by others perspective.

Pabeda Information Technologies‘s Buddytag.me is created by Barış Onay, Uğur Doğan ve Kervan Aslan. They keep it simple as it seems. So it’s better to think buddytag.me as a developing project instead of a finished one.

One important thing is that the comments are being left anonymously; so it might be a tool for social media reactions analysis in the future.

harat-net-buddytag-me-zuckerbergIt is easy to get how it works; you are getting in by your Facebook account. You are just pasting the extension name of the accounts which you like to leave tags. For example for Mark Zuckerberg, you are writing “zuck” as it’s his profile name. In buddytag.me/zuck page, you are leaving hashtags which describes him from your perspective.

When you log in to buddytag.me, it’s being shared on your Facebook profile. But hashtags you created are staying anonymously all the time. It’s more likely started for Turkey; but the project aims to make it global.

It’s really a nice platform for people who likes feedbacks. You can leave me some via buddytag.me/harat page. ”Feedback is a gift, take it or leave it” ;)

Source: Webrazzi

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