FaceTime Will Support Video Chats up to 32 People

As and Apple and FaceTime user, this news made me really happy. So we will have group chats with my team through FaceTime mostly. Let’s check what is changing in FaceTime with iOS 12.

  • FaceTime is getting a major upgrade in iOS 12 — and group chats are finally being added.
  • Up to 32 people will be able to chat together, and FaceTime will be integrated into group messages.
  • Animoji and face filters will also be available.

Instead of limiting video chats to only one other person, FaceTime will support group chats of up to 32 participants in iOS 12, Apple announced Monday at its annual Worldwide Developer Conference.

FaceTime in the coming upgrade will also include face filters, animoji, and responsive tiles that get bigger or smaller based on who is talking in the group conversation.

FaceTime will be integrated with the Messages app, and anyone in a group chat will be able to join or leave an active FaceTime whenever they want. When one person speaks up in the video chat, their “tile” will get bigger as the others get smaller. Also, users can simply double tap on a certain tile to make it the prominent one on their screen.

FaceTime in iOS 12 will also feature filters, sticker packs, and customized animoji (that’s Apple CEO Tim Cook below). Users can add a filter to their face or camera that will then be visible to everyone else in the conversation.

Source: Business Insider

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