Harat İlker ÇAKMAKÇI; also known as “Harat Tony Cave”. He has born in 1985, Düzce. After graduationg from Düzce Arsal Anatolian High School, he studied Mechanical Engineering in Yildiz Technical University, and after making master degree on System Dynamics and Control in the same university, he continues his 2nd master degree on Cinema in Marmara University, Institute of Social Sciences.

Harat makes Cinema projects, his last short movie  called “Monotoni” got Jury Special Award in Bilgi University at FIGEB Short Movie Festival.

Since 2010 Harat is delivering trainings in 2 student NGOs called BEST and ESTIEM, especially in Turkey and in many European universities as “Soft Skills Trainer”. As some of them were by hitchhiking he traveled around 20 countries; he still continues his works by having the passion to travel and has the dedication to self-improvement.

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